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Cash 3 Losses?

Cash 3 Losses?

Win Cash 3 Lottery Losses?

As many of you already know, I stand behind my “Win Cash 3 Lottery System” because it works. Over the last few weeks many of the purchasers of my system have emailed me to express their thanks for finding it and for the amount of Cash 3 wins it has brought to them. I am always pleased to hear your experiences using my win cash 3 system. I stand behind my lottery system 100% and will always be there at the email address provided, to help in any way I can, many of you have experienced the lengths I will go to, to try and help.
Anyway, one great idea was born today…
Many of you know that I recommend you have money set aside to play Cash 3 lottery games. No system can get it right 100% of the time, but the beauty of my system is that it actually works in under 3 minutes per day and you don’t play every day. It still suffers losses, it cannot win all the time. But overall, if you follow the rules, you will be ahead of the game. As you know, I just added several flags to minimize Cash 3 losses and maximize your potential winnings. For that reason, when I am asked how much money I recommend to seriously start your road to riches… I always answer $250 And this money should be ‘flush’ money, it should not be money you need to live on or pay bills with. If you have $250 to play, you are on the right road.
To many of you this may sound like a lot of money and to the average person it is. As you know, when you buy my Win Cash 3 System I tell you NOT to play for two weeks. This way you can read and re-read my system and see it in action for yourself. After two weeks of reading everything from cover-to-cover, including the latest December addendum (revision 2) are you better able to see the game in a new light. It really is very simple to win the cash 3 lottery games! But, there will be times you lose. Heck, I still lose! But the wins more than make up for the losses and the money continues to add up. That is what you need to do.
How does the system lose? Well, predicting which numbers are most likely to hit is simple enough, we do that in under 3 minutes per day. If we see one or more ‘events’ then we know the conditions are right to play. If we don’t see either ‘event’ we do NOT play that day. Let’s assume that we see one of the two ‘events’ come into play and we now have the number to play… nobody can predict WHEN that number will fall. Examples that come to mind, they switch the RNG or ball set, or even the drawing machine itself, before the next draw takes place and we have no idea when they change these things!
Cash 3 lottery games are a game of chance and there will always be risks involved when you play a random game of chance. All I ask is that you look over any State (not Arkansas Daily 3 Lottery) and see my system produce winner after winner, it works. So why are there times when my win cash 3 lottery system doesn’t work?
Okay, back to basics here… let’s presume my system shows you one of two ‘events’ and you decide you are going to play today and yet the number was not drawn. I can tell you from experience and you can see for yourself, there are MANY times when the number predicted will actually hit the very next day. The system and any State results actually verify this for me, it’s not just me tooting my own horn here! Yet, stuff happens and you play the cash 3 numbers and they do hit that day, they may not hit for several days, recently in Florida Cash 3 lottery games I am seeing a delay of 5 days, but the number DOES hit. When I speak about losses I am saying that each day the number does not fall, it is a loss for you… stick with it and the number will most likely fall within 4 or 5 days (often within 1 or 2 days). But for each day it does not fall, you are losing money… I understand that. But when the number does fall, you will recover your losses or break even and so you didn’t suffer a loss at all. Even when the number does not fall for 5 days (as has been the case in Florida for the last week or so), you are still AHEAD and in fact would be way ahead of the game and you would NOT have lost money but would have MADE money and you would be WAY AHEAD of the money you wagered. But can you afford to play every day for the number of days it takes without getting a win? If you can ride it out until the number hits, that is great. That is why I recommend having $250 set aside as ‘flush’ money – meaning this is money that is yours and you can flush it down a toilet and not worry over it.
The mistakes people make are simple…. they don’t have the cash available to ride out the storm… they try and chase numbers, that is a complete fools game! Never chase numbers ‘trying’ to win! Never, you will lose big time.
So, even if my Win Cash 3 Lottery system takes 5 days for the prediction to fall, you are still making money, that’s the beauty of my simple, effective system. Believe me, it truly works!

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